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Hey, I'm Stef. I'm a founder of a startup - Makeshift - and I spend a fair amount of time on Twitter. Sometimes it’s work-related, and sometimes it’s not, so like many startup people I have two Twitter accounts: one for me, and one for my startup.

People often talk to me and my colleagues directly on Twitter about what we’re doing at Makeshift, which is great, but I often forget to make sure they know about our company account, or follow them from there.

I want it to be easy for people I'm connected to online to see what my company is up to as well. As long as they’re interested, of course.

Flounder is a tiny tool for small teams who use Twitter:

It gets really handy if you leave Flounder on in the background over a period of time. Just by your team chatting to people and being themselves, you're all helping to build an audience for your shared account.

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